The air purifiers for the city house space cost less than 3 million

After the Covid-19 epidemic appeared, the demand for air purifiers in families increased sharply. In the segment of genuine air purifiers under VND 3 million, it is impossible not to mention the names below.

Vsmart 30LA5300 air purifier only 1.99 million

Vsmart is a brand that is no longer strange to Vietnamese consumers. No matter what field, from phones, cars to even air purifiers, Vsmart can’t make it difficult. In the first half of 2021, the company introduced to the public air purifier models and received a lot of support.

In the genuine segment under VND 2 million, the Vsmart 30LA5300 air purifier is a bright representative. The machine is equipped with a Hepa H13 filter that retains dust particles, with a negative ion feature that eliminates odors and dirt, helping to limit health problems and comprehensive protection for family members.

Vsmart 30LA5300 works effectively with a house area of ​​30m2. The machine has a touch control, so when turned on, the machine automatically purifies the air without any further operation, easy to use even for the elderly. Besides, the feature of creating negative ions to eliminate mold and grease odors will upgrade the living space of the house, bringing a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

Vsmart 35LA5400 air purifier priced from 2.59 million VND

With the higher segment 35LA5400 air purifier, Vsmart brings more valuable experiences to every family’s living space. The machine has a compact rectangular box design, delicate white color suitable for all interior designs.

Vsmart 35LA5400 still uses the Hepa H13 filter like the 30LA5300 series, however, the machine is also added with 2 cold catalytic filters and a carbon filter (activated carbon) for the ability to clean and eliminate odors effectively.

The air purifiers for the city house space cost less than 3 million

The cleaning area of ​​Vsmart 35LA5400 is up to 42m2. Users can easily control via smartphone or convenient voice. In particular, the machine also automatically alerts when the water runs out or the filter needs to be replaced. With the motto “creativity changes the game”, Vsmart always innovates, creating many products to meet customers’ needs, surpassing expectations.

With the situation of air pollution in big cities and the emergence of epidemics, the air purifier has become an indispensable helper in every family.

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The air purifiers for city house space cost less than 3 million

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