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The age of 12 siblings is 1042 years, the Guinness World Record made the highest combined age

Toronto A family of 12 siblings set a Guinness World Record for the most combined ages. Their combined age is 1042 years and 315 days. They have nine sisters and three brothers. Joyce D’Souza (91) of this family says that this award is one of the biggest achievements of her life.

Joyce said to CTV that “it feels really amazing. We are so proud of the fact that we are still alive. It’s a big deal.”

All ages between 75 and 97 years
Joyce’s siblings are between 75 and 97 years old and all of them were born in Karachi, Pakistan. The family later moved to Canada, the United States and Switzerland. However, at the moment they do not live in one place. Nevertheless, families try to meet each other at least three times a year on Major Holidays. Their normal family gathering of the Kovid-19 epidemic has been disrupted. The family is described as very spiritual and united. Every day during the epidemic, they connected with each other through zoom chats and prayed.

Process started three months ago
According to D’Souza’s son Errol, the process for the world record began about three months ago when a cousin in Baltimore read about another family who were close to getting the title. Then they came to know that their joint family is over.

After this, he gave birth certificate and citizenship card, records to the management team for identification. After reviewing and validating their documents, the team accepted their claim for the Guinness World Record for the highest combined age.

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