The 80cm iron bar pierced the baby’s neck

PeaceA 5-year-old child, fell, was pierced by an 80 cm long iron bar from the right neck area through the submandibular gland, the parotid gland, lost a lot of blood, in a very critical condition.

Doctors at Hoa Binh General Hospital, on August 20, activated the red alarm. Pediatric patients are at high risk for damage to the vascular (external jugular) vascular system, nerves, in which the 7th cranial nerve can cause paralysis, distortion or facial deformities due to intact foreign bodies with long lesions. about 20 cm.

Doctor Hoang Trong Bang, Department of Neurosurgery – Oncology, said that the surgery was difficult due to severe trauma, the patient still had a foreign object on the damaged area, making the endotracheal anesthesia complicated. Besides, the maxillofacial region has many nerves that require the surgery to be very careful and precise.

After two hours of surgery, the patient was treated for vascular damage, preserving the 7th nerve near the injury site. 16 hours after surgery, the child is awake, can talk, eat porridge. However, according to the doctor, this accident for children is rare and serious, especially causing psychological trauma.

Doctor Bang recommends that families pay close attention to and supervise children in all fun activities. In case of an accident with a foreign body on the body, it is necessary to immediately bring the patient to the hospital with the foreign object, do not arbitrarily remove the foreign body because it can lead to shock (due to blood loss), life-threatening.

Thuy Quynh