The 6-year-old girl has puberty

HanoiHoai Anh was taken to the hospital by his parents for examination due to the fact that the two breasts were abnormally large for over a year.

Compared to his peers, Hoai Anh is exceptionally tall. Within 6 months, the baby grew 8 cm tall, with no signs of abnormalities.

Doctor Tran Thi Kim Ngoc – Pediatric Specialist, Medlatec General Hospital, on December 20 examines the baby, tests to evaluate hormones, bone age X-ray, breast ultrasound, abdominal cavity, uterus eggs look abnormal. Test results of sexotropic hormones (serum LH, Prolactin, Estradiol, FSH, TSH), showed that Hoai Anh had early puberty. The doctor must guide the baby’s family member to apply nutrition, practice, and notes when the child starts puberty.

Premature puberty is the development of sexual characteristics before age 9 in boys and before age 8 in girls, or menstruation before 9.5 years in girls).

Dr. Ngoc said many causes of early puberty in children such as genetic factors, endocrine factors, living environment, diet, family living conditions and other physical diseases such as tumors. brain, gonadal melanoma …

Some studies around the world show that the rate of early puberty in girls is one in 5,000-10,000.

Typical signs that you may experience are an increase in height growth (possible growth in height before breast development). Development of the mammary gland, usually on one side, sometimes on both sides, is the most common symptom. Pubic hair, armpit hair appears; periods; acne can appear in small or moderate amounts.

Children may change psychologically, such as becoming inclined to separate from their parents, care for themselves, or compare themselves with other peers, mainly playing with peers. In particular, or daydreaming, idealizing sets unrealistic goals, unable to control himself.

Because of early puberty, the reproductive function is initially completed, so there is a risk of sexual abuse, even pregnancy or adolescent abortion, if not equipped with knowledge about avoidance. pregnancy and protect yourself. These physiological changes on the body also cause a lot of confusion and anxiety, affecting the psychological development of the child in the future.

Depending on the cause of early puberty, doctors have different treatments such as hormone interventions, injections …

Doctor Ngoc recommends that parents pay attention to their children before puberty, especially need to teach children to be self-aware of monitoring and taking care of themselves. Parents need to regularly pay attention to their child’s changes to prevent the harm caused by early puberty.

With children, when seeing an abnormal development, they should not be shy but talk to their parents, or consult adults (grandmothers, aunts, sisters) right away for appropriate advice.

When children show signs of early puberty, parents should take their children to a reputable medical facility to check or perform tests of educational hormones to check for early puberty in children.

* Patient name is changed

Thuy Quynh

Thuy Quynh