The 45-year-old Apple computer costs almost as much as a Porsche

A working Apple-1 computer from 1976, signed Steve Wozniak on the box, sold at auction for more than $ 736,000.

In an auction organized by RR Auction, the first Apple computer was described as a functional, fully-equipped computer with the signature of co-founder Steve Wozniak on the box.

The Apple-1 computer is built in 1

The entire Apple-1 computer sells for more than $ 736,000. Photo: RR Auction.

RR Auction estimates that an item will be auctioned at approx 400,000 USD. However, in fact, the owner of this machine has paid up to 736,862.5 USD, almost as much as a Porsche Mirage GT.

According to the 9to5macThis is one of the highest priced active Apple-1s ever. In 2018, an Apple-1 sold for a higher price 800,000 USD. Last year, the entire Apple-1 computer set in a wooden box, with a screen and some accessories was paid for 1.75 million USD on eBay.

The Apple-1 auctioned this time has been restored to its best form by expert Corey Cohen. In addition to the case and computer board, the kit also includes a cassette converter (ACI), instruction manual (for PC and ACI), a Datanetics keyboard with wooden case, Sanyo monitor and Panasonic cassette player.

The Apple-1 computer was built in 2

The signature of co-founder Steve Wozniak on the box is the specialty of the product. Photo: RR Auction.

Born in 1976, the Apple-1 is the first product in Apple history. This device was formed from the idea of Steve Jobsco-founder Steve Wozniak designs and builds by hand.

In addition to the special Apple-1, a schematic diagram, programmed for the Apple II computer by Steve Wozniak’s prototype, was sold by RR Auction for $ 630,272.

According to the Zing

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Last November, Apple made the technology world wobble when it launched the MacBook Pro duo and MacBook Air using the M1 chip self-produced.


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