The 45-year mystery of Apple’s first computer

For decades, Apple fans have wondered who wrote down the serial numbers on the Apple-1, but there was no answer.

The first computer released by Apple was called Apple-1. About 45 years ago, Apple sold 200 units, of which about 80 in the first batch had handwritten serial numbers on the motherboard in the form “01-00##”, for example “01-0060” “. Currently only a few dozen of these are kept, but who wrote these numbers is still a mystery.

The 45-year mystery of Apple’s first computer

The person who designed the computer – Steve Wozniak said he didn’t do it, Steve Jobs also said he wasn’t. Daniel Kottke, who has assembled and tested several circuit boards, also denies this. All other people involved on the board or Paul Terrell, owner of the Byte Shop – which bought the first 50 Apple-1 computers – also denied.

Achim Baqué, curator of the Apple-1 Registry is determined to set out to solve this age-old puzzle. He flew from Germany to Los Angeles (USA) with two Apple-1 computers and delivered them to PSA – a leading handwriting authentication service company in the world.

PSA collected photos of every handwritten number on the Apple-1 computer and many other handwriting samples. The company then began evaluating the evidence by determining various characteristics such as tilt, seamlessness, pen pressure, and letter size.

After three months of research and testing, Achim Baqué with the help of PSA finally solved the mystery: it was Apple co-founder Steve Jobs who wrote the numbers.

Since Steve Jobs rarely signed autographs, his signature and handwriting became especially valuable, so it is certain that these Apple-1s with this serial number will become expensive in the future.

Why Steve Jobs wrote these special characters is a secret that will forever remain unsolved, maybe he did so as an act that marked the beginning of what would bring Apple to success.

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