The 2nd largest carrier in the US confirmed to be hacked

T-Mobile detected unauthorized access to their servers, however, it is unclear if customer information was stolen. The carrier is actively investigating the incident.

On the afternoon of August 16 (US time), T-Mobile officially responded to the hacker claiming to have obtained the data of 100 million users. Accordingly, the second largest carrier in the US confirmed that there was an unauthorized access to some of their data.

“We closed the entry point that was exploited for infiltration. T-Mobile continues to conduct in-depth and thorough checks on the system to determine the nature of the unauthorized data access,” the company said in the official statement.

T-Mobile confirmed to have hacked him 1

T-Mobile is committed to investigating and providing detailed information to customers after the results are available. Photo: Getty Images.

T-Mobile is urgently investigating, however, this process can take a long time. “Until this review is complete, we cannot confirm the number of records affected or the accuracy of other claims,” ​​the carrier said, referring to the hacker’s public sale of information on 30 million users. on a forum.

On August 15, Motherboard discovered hackers are selling data “stolen from T-Mobile servers” on R***, a familiar transaction address of cybercriminals.

The person who posted the article claimed to have data of more than 100 million T-Mobile network users, and offered a price of 6 Bitcoins, equivalent to 270,000 USD for 30 million social security numbers, names, addresses and driver’s license information. The rest will be negotiated with the buyer.

“We are aware of a statement appearing on a forum and are actively investigating. No further information is available at this time,” a T-Mobile representative responded with Motherboard. The second largest carrier in the US confirmed that it will contact customers after understanding the case.

Follow The Verge, over the years, T-Mobile has been the target of data theft by cybercriminals. Most recently, in December 2020, information about calls and phone numbers of some users was exposed. However, the company said hackers did not have access to more sensitive content such as names or social security numbers.

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Data of 30 million T-Mobile customers for sale for $ 270,000

This data was advertised on the R*** forum, where Bkav’s source code was for sale a week ago.


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