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Thailand: Elephant and its baby fell into the pit, rescued after 7 hours of effort

Thailand Elephant Rescue: An elephant and her child trapped in a pit in the Yai National Park in Thailand were safely rescued. The one-year-old elephant was the first to fall into the pit. While trying to get out, his mother also fell into the pit. To get the elephant and its baby out of the pit, three rescue teams of wildlife experts took both of them out of the pit safely after seven hours of effort.

As soon as the information about the elephant and her one-year-old child falling into the pit, the team of wildlife experts started the rescue operation. Rescue work continued amid torrential rains. The rescue team made a one km long line by making a manhole next to it to get both the elephants out of the pit. So that they can easily get out of the swampy road from here.

The rescue team made the elephant unconscious

Dr Chanya Kanchanasarak, a veterinarian involved in this rescue operation, said that due to the mother being near, it was difficult for the team to get close to the child. So to make the mother unconscious, she was given three doses of tranquilizer. But before that she started walking towards her child. After some time the mother fainted and then somehow an exercise was started to get both of them out.

Rescuers managed to get both of them out of the pit after seven hours of hard work. Rescuers climbed the truck and pulled the mother out of the pit with the help of sticks. As soon as he came out of the pit, the hungry child started drinking his mother’s milk. After which the elephant and her child were released in the forest.

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