Testing new antiviral drugs for F0 in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh CityAbout 160-200 Covid-19 patients with mild and moderate symptoms are being treated in makeshift hospitals and are being tested for the antiviral drug molnupiravir.

This is a new antiviral drug in the world, some countries have just completed the trial phase 2 and 3 but have already used it for Covid-19 patients, such as the US and India. According to the Biomedical Ethics Council, Ministry of Health, a clinical trial of molnupiravir in the US and India, the results were “positive in terms of safety, tolerability, especially a marked reduction in viral load. in mild and moderate patients after 5 days of treatment, contributing to reducing infection in the community, reducing hospitalization rate, and reducing mortality”.

However, in order to ensure the safe and effective use of the drug, before piloting it in the community, the Biomedical Ethics Council decided to test it at medical facilities from August 16 to August 22. . The two hospitals Thong Nhat (in Ho Chi Minh City) and the Central Lung Hospital (Hanoi) act as focal points to coordinate medical facilities in implementing phase 1, 2, and 3 clinical trials on mild and severe Covid-19 patients. fit.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Dinh Thanh, Director of Thong Nhat Hospital, said that the drug molnupiravir is being used Phase 2 trial for patients in field hospitals Ho Chi Minh City, especially the field hospital No. 8, where the medical team of Thong Nhat Hospital participates in treatment.

“Although many countries have completed the trial phase 2 and 3, with good evaluation, but Vietnam is still testing from these two phases to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the drug, and whether it is suitable for the condition of Vietnamese people. or not,” said Dr. Thanh.

He also said that the process of drug testing, sampling and screening, is conducted very rigorously because the results will “determine whether the drug is available for use in the community or not”.

The antiviral drug molnupiravir is available in tablets of 200 mg and 400 mg strengths. Patients were tested on an oral dose of 800 mg per day, equivalent to two 400 mg tablets, divided into two doses during the day.

The drug is being tested for patients with mild and moderate symptoms. This is the subject with the most Covid-19 infections. Doctors recommend that patients who have positive PCR tests and have symptoms should use molnupiravir. moderate to severe symptoms, such as respiratory symptoms including sneezing, runny nose, fatigue; to the onset of symptoms of pneumonia, difficulty breathing.

“If the drug helps the body control the viral load, it will reduce the rate of patients becoming severe, reduce complications, thereby reducing the burden on the upper floors,” said Dr. Thanh.

After the end of phase 2, the research team conducted a phase 3 trial with about 360-420 patients. “Hopefully by the end of August there will be results to put the drug into use,” said Dr. Thanh.

It is expected that, after the trial, the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Ho Chi Minh City and the University of Public Health will directly implement the pilot program in the community.

Although the trial stages have not been completed, the drug molnupiravir has been included in the program by the Ministry of Health Home-Based Care “pilot controlled treatment of F0s at home and in the community”.

Over the past time, the Ministry of Health has proposed businesses to buy, import, research and transfer technology to produce the drug molnupiravir. The ministry is also considering licensing drugs to treat Covid-19 in emergency conditions.

The drug molnupiravir was recently donated by an import group to the Ministry of Health to treat Covid-19 patients.

The first antiviral drug introduced by the Ministry of Health to treat Covid-19 patients is remdesivir, used for severe cases and prioritized for patients over 65 years old, obese, using intravenous infusion and as prescribed by a doctor. doctor. Remdesivir is being considered for an emergency license by the Ministry of Health.

Le Phuong – Le Nga