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Testimonials: they left Paris

“More spacious accommodation”

Benjamin 31 years old, community manager

“After living in Paris for ten years, I wanted larger accommodation at an affordable price. And the confinement only confirmed this desire. As my partner worked in Touraine, the region where I grew up, we decided to settle in Tours. With teleworking, I can keep my job in Paris. When I have to go to the office, it takes an hour and a half door to door. Or the same time as a suburban resident who takes his car. The train has a cost, of course, but that expense is offset by the difference in rent. And then Tours is a pleasant city to live in, with more spacious accommodation, more nature and a friendlier atmosphere. Even if, of course, the cultural offer is less dense. “

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“A life between town and country”

Eva 45 years old, head of the National Institute of Gemmology

“Before leaving to live in Normandy, I was the incarnation of the typical Parisian: a resident of 11e district and urban to the tips of the nails. Crossing the ring road was a leap into another world. Six years ago, I moved with the father of my children to the region because we were tired of the excessive rents but also because of the attacks that had struck us. At the time, the house was far from the station, which was not practical.

Today, we are separated and I live with my new companion in Bernay, a city better served by transport. I telework one day a week and the other days I go by train to Paris. My partner is installed here as a freelance. As we are a blended family, every other week I take my older child to college before taking the train and my partner takes care of the four children. This is one of the drawbacks of the countryside, you have to play taxis. I admit that the change was not easy but today I really appreciate this new life between city and countryside. “

“For now, the feeling is positive”

Is she 34 years old, engineer

“My husband accepted a one-year assignment on the EDF Flamanville site, in Manche, and as I was on maternity leave for our third child, I followed him. We rented our apartment in Paris and we settled in mid-August in a small hamlet, with cows for neighbors.

We did not flee the big city. Rather, we wanted to try something else. I am Parisian by birth and we took advantage of the capital’s advantages: exhibitions, opera, walks. But if the experience is successful, we will make sure to stay. I have the option of telecommuting three days a week and going to the office for two days. The train ride is long – two and a half hours to Saint-Lazare – but I can sleep one night with my parents.

For now, the feeling is positive. Contrary to what I had been told, it does not rain that often in the Cotentin and we have the sea 500 meters away. Children (5 years, 3 years and a few months) appreciate it, even if the elders speak a lot about Paris. We left a bit quickly this summer and, with the confinement, they didn’t have time to say goodbye to their friends. The only negative point in the countryside is the car, especially for me, who don’t drive very well. “


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