Tested more than 1,600 people, while 612 people waiting for the results

Of the completed tests, 3 positive cases were announced as patients, including a male English teacher, a one-year-old baby and a 28-year-old English student. The remainder were negative.

Usually the PCR test procedure is confirmed, from sampling to returning results within 24 hours. All samples of people in face-to-face contact with Covid-19 patients in Ho Chi Minh City were performed by PCR method.

Regarding “patient 1342” – Vietnam Airlines flight attendant: detected one positive sample as “patient 1347”, the remaining 77 samples were negative.

Related “1348 patient” – 1 year old boys: all results were negative.

Related “patient 1349” – female student Key English English Center: recorded 123 negative samples, 11 samples are waiting for results.

With the F2 groups, taking a total of 1,392 samples, 791 samples were tested and all found negative results. The rest are waiting.

Up to 8:00 am on December 3, Ho Chi Minh City recorded no more Covid-19 patients, apart from the four cases announced in the previous two days. The health sector continues to investigate and trace, find all travel places and people who have contact with the patient, and concentrate close contact cases. Health authorities have identified relevant districts and districts for epidemic control.

The accommodation of the patient and the surrounding households is sanitized. People living in the vicinity are sampled and isolated at home. The places the patient used to visit were temporarily blocked, stopped working to disinfect and disinfect.

The city closed the isolating area of ​​the Vietnam Airlines flight group at 1 and 115 Hong Ha Street, Tan Binh district, to prevent Covid-19 infection under the direction of the Minister of Health.

The Ho Chi Minh City Center for Disease Control requires those who have been to 9 relevant sites “1347 patient” need to make a medical report and take samples for nCoV testing.


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