Tesla lets Ukrainians charge electric cars for free

However, this policy only applies to charging stations in Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, as Tesla does not officially operate in Ukraine.

In a public email to employees earlier this week, Tesla announced several forms of support for the Ukrainian people, amid the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Although not doing business in Ukraine, Tesla said about 5,000 electric vehicle owners from Tesla and other Ukrainian companies can charge it for free at its Supercharger stations in Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, neighboring countries. of Ukraine.

Tesla employees Ukrainians do not have a salary 3 months 1

Tesla offers a variety of support to the people of Ukraine, including helping to set up a network of SpaceX equipment. Photo: Tesla.

In addition, the company also supports employees of Ukrainian origin to return to the country to join the army. According to the announcement, employees of Ukrainian origin are entitled to full salary for 3 months when joining the army.

“We will hold positions for Ukrainian employees who are recalled to the country as reservists and pay their salaries for three months,” Tesla said in an email.

This email is sent to all employees in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region. It is not clear if the policy applies to North America or other parts of the world. After 3 months, Tesla will re-evaluate the impact of the Russian-Ukrainian military conflict, thereby offering a policy to support employees in this area, according to the report. CNBC.

Earlier, Ukraine called for men aged 18-60 to join the army to create a reserve army, according to a decree of President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

In the email, Tesla encouraged the company’s employees who helped SpaceX bring Starlink’s satellite Internet service to Ukraine. Accordingly, the company’s Tesla Energy division has supplied the Powerwall battery-powered battery charging system for Starlink equipment in Ukraine.

Tesla employees use inverters and charging cables for the Starlink and Powerwall systems. These devices are sponsored by the company’s approved component factories. At the same time, these employees also recycle waste from the Tesla factory in the suburbs of Berlin to make AC cables that power Starlink equipment.

According to CNBCTesla is not the only company with a policy to support employees before the Russia-Ukraine tension.

Other automakers such as General Motors and Ford have also announced the cessation of operations in Russia. The multinational automaker Stellantis has also established a support team to help its 71 employees in Ukraine with health and safety issues.

Tesla employees Ukrainians do not have a salary 3 months 2

Recently, Starlink sent a signal pan to Ukraine to support Internet connectivity in this country. Photo: Mykhailo Fedorov.

Previously, Starlink activated satellite Internet service in Ukraine. Ukraine’s deputy prime minister, Mykhailo Fedorov, asked CEO Elon Musk to support the country’s internet due to concerns that the Internet would be cut off if Russia attacked the telecommunications infrastructure.

Just two days after Fedorov’s call on Twitter, Starlink’s satellite receiver was sent to Ukraine. Satellite Internet service will make an important contribution to help this Eastern European country stay connected and communicate at home and abroad. However, many experts believe that the devices Elon Musk sent to Ukraine could be used by Russia to locate and target air strikes.

(According to Zing)

Tesla supports Ukrainian employees’ salaries if they have to join the army

Ukrainian employees working at Tesla in certain areas, if recalled to the country to join the army, will be supported by the company with at least 3 months’ salary.


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