Tesla goes upmarket on the New York Stock Exchange

The Tesla factory in Shanghai (China). (DING TING / XINHUA)

Tesla integrates what is called the S&P 500 index. Created in 2003 by a young boss with long teeth, Elon Musk, the group now weighs more than General Motors, Ford, Fiat-Chrysler, Toyota, Honda and Volkswagen combined. At close to $ 610 billion, it is the most expensive company to join the index. Never seen. Since the start of the year, Tesla shares have soared 700% to $ 695 (€ 570). The ninth largest market capitalization in the world is approaching Facebook.

Tesla has taken the lead in the electric and autonomous car in a context of strong environmental pressure. The group manufactures its batteries itself, while its competitors buy from subcontractors. The American has taken the lead over the large historic manufacturers who are forced to completely review their industrial strategy and their production chains. Tesla has proven that it is capable of mass-producing a vehicle, and the group is now established in China with its Shanghai plant, which allows it to escape the customs tax war between Washington and Beijing.

Elon Musk signed last year with the German state of Brandenburg, near Berlin, the purchase for 40 million euros of several hundred hectares of land to build his first factory on the old continent (500,000 cars will eventually come out). Tesla already represents 30% of the European battery-electric car market.

Rational or irrational stock market success for Tesla? Some experts put the action at $ 1,200 in 2025 (double today). According to them, the action is overpriced and maintains a speculative bubble. But they do not date the possible explosion.

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