Tesla employees sabotage car factories in America

Tesla fired an employee at its car factory in the United States after concluding that the person had committed the sabotage on purpose.

Associated Bloomberg said Tesla had in hand evidence that an employee had committed the destruction of the Freemont factory (USA) last month. After completing the internal investigation, the American electric car company fired the anonymous employee.

Automatic car production line at Tesla’s Freemont factory (USA). Image: CarBuzz.

Al Prescott, Tesla’s vice president of legal affairs, revealed the incident in an email to employees earlier this week.

“Two weeks ago, a team of information technology engineers and InfoSec identified an employee who intentionally sabotaged the car factory. After only a few hours, a series of measures are taken to prevent damage, ensure the car production line runs smoothly, ”Mr. Al Prescott wrote in an e-mail.

Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y are cars produced at the Freemont factory, so the incident is considered very serious. Looks like Tesla handled the situation without resorting to a legal authority.

Tesla’s information did not state the cause of the incident. Apparently the employee above tried to remove the trace when blaming a colleague and destroying the personal computer.

“That employee pleaded guilty after we gave evidence. The company has terminated the contract with this person “, Mr. Al Prescott revealed more information.

This is not the first time Tesla face intentional destructive behavior. That is also the reason this company strengthens internal security networks.

Last month, Tesla successfully blocked a cyberattack against its Nevada Gigafactory plant. Ransom attack 1 million USD This was done by a Russian hacker.

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