Tensions escalated, Google threatened to cut off the search service in Australia

Google has threatened to disable search in Australia if forced to pay local publishers for news.

In a hearing before the Australian Parliament on January 22, Mel Silva, managing director of Google Australia and New Zealand, objected to asking Google to pay news agencies for displaying part of the article on search results. . According to authorities, at least 94% of searches online in Australia are through Google.

“If this code becomes law, we have no choice but to stop offering Google Search in Australia,” said Silva. She described the bill as “an unacceptable financial and operating precedent”.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said: “We did not respond to threats. Australia makes rules for what you can do in Australia. It is done by our Congress and Government. That’s how things work in Australia ”.

Facebook, another company that was the subject of the bill, also voiced its opposition. At the hearing, the social network reiterated its consideration to ban Australians from sharing news on the platform if the bill passes.

Australia’s bill is designed to support the domestic media industry, which has difficulty adapting to the digital economy. Google’s tough stance suffered criticism from the lawmakers who attended the hearing. Senator Andrew Bragg accused the company of trying to “blackmail” Australians and policymakers.

Meanwhile, on January 21, Google has just signed agreements with French publishers after authorities urged the company to pay for content. Google has stopped displaying search results of European publishers on Google Search to French users since 2020 in order to comply with copyright laws.

Du Lam (According to Bloomberg)


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