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Tension increased on Ukraine issue, US sent military aid to Ukraine

Ukraine Conflict: Tensions between the US and Russia have increased significantly over the issue of Ukraine. Amidst tensions near the border of Ukraine and Russia, America has given military aid to Ukraine. In view of possible aggression from Russia, US military aid for the defense of Ukraine has started arriving from Friday night. America delivered the first consignment of lethal weapons to Ukraine. According to media reports, about 2 million pounds of deadly weapons aid, including ammunition, has been sent to the frontline soldiers of Ukraine. This information has been given by the US Embassy in Kiev.

US military aid to Ukraine

A Twitter post from the US embassy said about 200,000 pounds of lethal weapons aid, including ammunition for Ukraine’s front-line defenders, were included. The embassy said in a second tweet that since 2014, $2.7 billion in aid has been given to Ukraine to counter Russian aggression, demonstrating that the US is committed to defending Ukraine.

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Tension over Ukraine issue

According to media reports, Russia has assembled a large armed force along its border with Ukraine and sent troops and weapons to Belarus, north of Ukraine, for a joint military exercise beginning on February 10. Putin has demanded security guarantees that would prevent Ukraine from ever joining NATO. The US and its NATO allies have rejected those demands. Russia has stepped up its pace by announcing more military exercises in the region amid fears of an attack on Ukraine. However, Russian President Vladimir Putin says he has no plans to attack Ukraine.

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