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Tension at peak over Ukraine crisis, these countries asked their citizens to leave Ukraine soon

Countries Urge Citizens Leave Ukraine: The Ukraine crisis is gradually deepening and it is affecting many countries of the world. Fearing that Russia will invade Ukraine, many countries are now appealing to their citizens to leave Ukraine. Along with this, many countries are also recalling their diplomatic staff from there. At the same time, some countries are advising their citizens not to travel to Ukraine. America fears that Russia may soon invade Ukraine. More recently, the US had expressed fears that Russia might attack Ukraine before the Beijing Olympics were over. The US has already urged its citizens to leave Ukraine.

Many countries called back their citizens amid Ukraine tensions

Apart from America, governments of many other countries are appealing to their citizens to leave Ukraine. Countries that have called on their citizens to leave Ukraine include Germany, Italy, Britain, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Canada, Norway, Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Australia, Japan, Israel is included. Along with this, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have also urged their citizens to leave Ukraine.

France has asked its citizens not to leave Ukraine but advised them not to travel to the border areas of northern and eastern Ukraine. Along with this, Romania, which is near the border with Ukraine, has asked its citizens to avoid traveling to the country. Along with this, it has been told to seriously consider the need of its citizens to live there.

Many countries closed embassies due to Ukraine crisis

Russia has recalled some of its diplomatic staff, saying it fears “provocation”. The US has ordered the departure of most of its diplomatic staff in Kyiv. America believes that Russia can attack Ukraine at any time. Canada is temporarily closing its embassy in Kiev in the wake of the Ukraine crisis, moving diplomatic operations to Lviv. European Union bodies recommend non-essential diplomatic personnel in Kiev leave the country and telecommunications abroad. Romania has withdrawn non-essential personnel from its embassy in Kiev. At the same time, Israel has evacuated the families of diplomats and employees of the embassy from there.

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