Teleworking: these companies that are not attracted by the measure

In an SME near Nantes (Loire-Atlantique), William Wafo, director of the Services of Technologies Industrielles Atlantique, has only one corridor to cross to talk to his employees. For him, proximity is the strong point of a small business and teleworking makes exchanges difficult. During the first confinement, he set up two days of teleworking per week, without being seduced by the measure. So for this second confinement, it is now a single day of telecommuting on average, despite official recommendations.

“The government must offer us a framework, must discuss with companies to find the framework best suited to the situation, but must under no circumstances come and put itself in our shoes to manage our companies”, he defends. Teleworking is far from widespread in companies like his, which has fewer than 50 employees. In September, seven companies with less than 50 employees out of ten had no teleworking employee.

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