Teleworking: Crédit Agricole, savings banks and Macif singled out

Posted on Feb 26, 2019 2021 at 21:20

Crédit Agricole, the Savings Banks and Macif are apparently the poor pupils of teleworking in finance. During a meeting on Friday afternoon with representatives of the branches of banking (FBF), insurance (FFA) and consulting engineering (Syntec), Elisabeth Borne, pointed out these three mutual institutions, including several members were the subject of a formal notice for their lack of application of remote work as part of the preventive measures against the Covid, according to several participants.

Their establishments are among the 52 companies that have received a formal notice on the subject of teleworking by the Labor Inspectorate since October, said the Minister of Labor. Elisabeth Borne and the Secretary of State for Occupational Health, Laurent Pietraszewski, had already met with employers’ and trade union organizations in these sectors on February 8, pointing to an “erosion” in the use of teleworking in their networks and encouraging them to do so. implement more.

Contrasting reality on the ground

At the branch level, the application of teleworking has progressed in the bank compared to the figures of December, which led to the first meeting. In January, nearly 63% of the 360,000 employees in the sector were teleworking, according to figures from DARES, the statistical studies department of the Ministry of Labor. ” This figure of 63% is significantly higher than the national average, 21.2%, welcomed the FBF after the meeting. It was 61% in December and 62% in November. ”

In head offices or administrative centers, teleworking is widely followed. But the reality on the ground, in the networks, is mixed. Mutual banks are relatively more present in rural areas, with small branches and fewer employees, which makes the application of telework more complicated, recognizes a banking source. In addition, their branches being more distant from each other, they are more difficult to regroup to allow a possible turnover of staff.

According to Luc Mathieu, general secretary at CFDT Banques et Assurances, the rate of teleworking in the branches of mutual banks is “ rather around 5% », Compared to around 20% at Societe Generale or LCL, which are mainly present in large cities. ” There are solutions, he pleads, regretting, however, that the industry as a whole is singled out. To do this, we have to sit around the table, but the bank’s employers consider that the organization of work is not part of the scope of social dialogue.

Frédéric Guyonnet, president of the SNB SNB CFE-CGC banking union, is especially angry with the Minister of Labor. “ She pushes for control and sends labor inspectors to agencies to look at everything from floor to ceiling, he protests. I do not understand this relentlessness. Already we have a bad image, the minister is adding fuel to the fire “.

High rate of teleworking in insurance

The picture is more nuanced in insurance, where the telework rate for its 148,000 employees reached 71%. ” This is the first time that we have obtained the figures for the insurance sector alone. They comfort me in what we’ve been saying for several months, explains Florence Lustman, president of the FFA. Insurers are very committed and above many other branches. My explanation is simple: our job is risk management and therefore we know the importance of prevention. Insurance is also the only branch which has opened negotiations on teleworking with the social partners.

This observation does not prevent Macif from being one of the companies put on notice. Other groups in the sector, such as AXA, have generalized teleworking and highlight it in their “employer brand” communication.

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