Teleworking: companies called to order

The government recalled Thursday, February 4: teleworking must become the norm, while the Covid-19 epidemic is still raging in France. In the communication agency Creads, all the employees could telecommute, but a few decided to come anyway. “It’s à la carte. People who find it difficult to work from home because they have a child, a somewhat noisy spouse, or precisely because they are a bit lonely, they want to rediscover social ties. They come when they want“, justifies Julien Méchin, associate director of Creads.

The government find, Thursday evening, that companies are slacking off when it comes to teleworking, especially in the banking, IT, insurance and real estate sectors. At the beginning of February, only 30% of employees teleworked full time, against 45% in November 2020. The labor inspectorate has carried out 64,000 checks since March, which resulted in 400 formal notices. In addition, 28 companies have been taken to court for endangering the lives of others.

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