Teleworking at PSA is innovative but worried: “The employee finds himself alone and can have extended days …”

While, according to the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, nearly a third of contaminations occur in the workplace, teleworking is struggling to impose itself in companies. However, some large companies intend to make remote work the rule for all their employees. This is the case with the PSA group, owner of Peugeot, Citroën and Opel, which employs 40,000 people worldwide.

From Normandy, Peggy, an employee of the accounting department of PSA in Poissy in the Yvelines, is delighted to have switched to telework. “The big step forward for me is the 1h45 less journey in the morning and evening, she confides. I gain in quality of life, in sleep, I spend less time in transport … ” Peggy is far from the only one working from home at PSA. The group did not wait for the health crisis to start teleworking. “We developed this way of working a few years ago”, explains Bruno Bertin, director of human resources at PSA,

“The health crisis gave us the opportunity to develop this project, seeking complementarity between remote work and work on site.”

Bruno Bertin, HR Director

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The project involves 18,000 French employees called to work at home for part of the week two, three or more days, depending on their department. These employees no longer have a personal office and, when they come “on site“, in the company, physically, they gather in a building specially designed for them.

This is the case in Poissy, where PSA has installed 5,000 square meters of space divided by type of activity. “There are collaborative spaces for teams working together on a subject”, details Bruno Bertin, “There are also collective spaces to have informal discussions. We finally have individual spaces to work alone behind your computer.” In addition to well-being at work and the reduction of its carbon footprint, so much vaunted, the group intends to derive another benefit from teleworking.

“Some buildings will be able to be sold, that will make very substantial savings.”

Jean-Pierre Mercier, elected CGT PSA

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Savings not quantified, but estimated at several tens of millions of euros. Although pushed by their militant base, the PSA unions remain wary of teleworking, too little supervised according to Xavier Lalaseur, of the CFDT. “The employee finds himself alone and can have extended days”, he worries. A large number of employees tell us that they eat in less than thirty minutes. This poses an occupational health problem. ”

Despite nine months of negotiations on the amendment to the employment contract, management and unions have not managed to agree on financial support for teleworking. It is currently 150 euros for installation and 10 euros per month for subscriptions.

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