Teleworking: a video blind test to reconnect with colleagues


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A blind test between colleagues in teleworking: this is the concept proposed by a start-up to restore a little user-friendliness to remote office life. #IlsOntLaSolution

We are not in a pub but in the lounges of the employees of a company specializing in digital technology, near Nantes. And yet here everyone sings and tries to identify the titles of songs performed live by a group of musicians. “We don’t think it’s actually with work, it’s a nice time to spend at home”, says Krisnella, one of the participants. His employer called on the team from the site, who came up with this concept adapted to the health crisis.

Behind their screens, participants forget their daily life and the monotony that teleworking can generate. Loïc Ortola is at the origin of this concept of remote blind test for the professional world. “For companies, it has never been more important to find each other. The idea was to look for an animation that allows people to forget that they are behind a screen”, he explains. Recreating links, experiencing moments of conviviality between colleagues, two concepts which have unfortunately disappeared from business life for over a year.

The other good idea of ​​the concept is to have called on professional musicians to animate these festive evenings. Deprived of stage for many months, they can thus continue to live on their profession. “It’s great because without it we wouldn’t be working at the moment.” considers the singer of the group, Marine Allaine.

The start-up offers its services everywhere in France since the service is done virtually. Since its creation in March 2020, it has organized around forty such special telework blind tests.

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