Telework: “The major difficulty is the social link”, explains Audrey Richard of the Association des DRH

Audrey Richard, president of Andrh (National Association of HRDs), was the eco guest on Wednesday January 6, 2021. (FRANCEINFO / RADIO FRANCE)

The rules for teleworking, recommended by the government, change from Thursday, January 7. Employees who carry out their activity 100% at home will be able to return to their company, if they feel the need. “This is a good thing”, estimates Audrey Richard, president of Andrh (National Association of HRDs), eco guest of franceinfo on Wednesday January 6. According to her, companies have already started “to soften in a very exceptional way “ the system, to meet the demand of employees in distress. She sets the example “deviations from work” with“employees who work for such a long period that they forget to have lunch, dinner, or stop”.

We took this responsibility “ to allow them to return regularly to the company, explains the representative of HRD. Audrey Richard specifies the new rules in force: employees working telework are authorized to return for a day, but only at their request “.

We don’t make everyone come back one day a week!

Audrey Richard, president of ANDRH

on franceinfo

The president of Andrh recalls in passing a reality: “We must never forget that in our companies, we have populations who can telework and others who cannot. “ Is this an injustice? No, according to this director of human resources: “The economic situations of companies lead us to go in this direction “. But for Audrey Richard, the situations “hybrids “ within companies constitute an essential stake:The major difficulty is the social bond, the collaboration between each team. “

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