Telecommuting remains at the goodwill of companies


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Is teleworking applied as much as possible? The number of people telecommuting all week continued to decline in February.

More teleworking, the government demanded. “We are even more encouraging companies to use it. We are going to strengthen controls and sanctions ”, government spokesman Gabriel Attal Wednesday March 24. But some employees or companies do not want or cannot, like Octopeek, ea company specializing in artificial intelligence, for which it is a question of efficiency according to the CEO AbdelKrim Talhaoui.

Since January, out of 24,000 checks, 55 companies have not applied teleworking, but according to Me Marquet De Vasselot, nothing obliges them to do so. “The law does not require companies to use telework”, Explains this lawyer specializing in labor law. According to some jurists, it is up to the government to issue a decree in the Council of State if it wishes to make telework compulsory.

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