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Teens and school, a sometimes thwarted love story

Teenagers very often like to go to school, to learn and to build a world other than that of their parents: that of their friends, classmates, teachers. A whole universe that belongs to them.

The other day, a schoolgirl who had passed her patent brilliantly wanted to offer a gift to “her librarian” because the latter, she said, had introduced her to readings that she did not think for her… Some teenagers really like learning and discovering knowledge, concepts, methods on their own… Some people like to do this through teachers whom they invest emotionally, especially since they separate themselves from parental figures. The teacher of French, philosophy or any other discipline can then take a very special place, with an almost initiatory role.

A school overflow

Middle school and then high school are places where teenagers master the rules. They find there peers with whom they live and work but also learn about group life, seduction, relationships, exchanges, conflicts and their resolutions… For everyone, school is an important place, for some, it is even a dream place of emancipation and the acquisition of freedom, that of thinking or living.

But sometimes it’s too much. Some adolescents who are very anxious or imprisoned in anorexia invest too much in this knowledge and devote too much time to it. Their whole life boils down to academic performance. This hyper-investment in school and academic excellence is a screen that prevents the adolescent from confronting emotional or social life.

Adaptation difficulties

Sometimes that’s not enough. The adolescent is unable to adapt to school constraints and requirements. He turns away. He does not feel legitimate either to learn or to find a place there. He then puts himself in a position to be fired so that he no longer has to face this pain of failure.

Sometimes, the orientation chosen for the teenager or by himself is not suitable and this lack of adjustment between the student and his sector makes the teenager uncommitted or even unhappy. Knowing that parental expectations and those of the adolescent do not always correspond, which weakens the adolescent.

Parents misunderstanding

Sometimes, something still goes wrong on one of the stages of the school career: leaving home, going to school, taking a place in the peer group, in the class group, then interacting with adults and school teachers, finally appropriating knowledge. Then appears what should be called school phobia: the very idea of ​​school hurts. This behavior puts in difficulty both the teenager who cannot go to school and the parents who do not understand why something as trivial as going to school becomes a pain for their child.

Behind this pain are hidden very different things such as bullying at school, amplified by social networks, depression or anxiety which manifests itself in the body of the adolescent or in their mind, a feeling of atypicality of which it is necessary to know the cause, a difficulty in leaving the house, where the teenager feels safer than outside… Or a relationship to knowledge and painful learning, which must be pacified.

Being a happy student and teenager is a precious commodity.


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