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Teenage girls organized thanks to their “bullet journal”

At the beginning of the year, at the time of good resolutions, some teenage girls will perhaps begin to keep a “bullet journal”, literally a “journal to kill time”. What insiders call “BuJo” looks like a notebook in schoolboy format, with completely white pages, on which only dots are wisely aligned.

Hybrid object

Guided by these guidelines, teenage girls can create tables, lists, directories and other indexes in order to better organize themselves. They are thus made, in the vein of “do it yourself”, a hybrid object, halfway between the school diary and the diary. They record their appointments, important dates but also their ideas, their inspirations, their photos, all of which must be arranged in the most aesthetic way possible, even if it means spending long hours there.

“In my class, some have a bullet journal to organize themselves, others because they like to keep track of their life or simply because it is pleasant to make something beautiful”, explains Juliette, 14 years old. This success does not surprise psychologist Didier Pleux (1). According to him, the “bullet journal” corresponds to the need for anticipation and framework of the adolescents of the time. “Very busy with screens, sometimes lacking educational limits, some have problems planning and anticipating. This type of tool can help them better project themselves into the future. Another interesting aspect is that making such a notebook takes time and supposes to mark a pause, of solitude in front of oneself. Thus, they can better achieve what they like or what they would like to correct about themselves. “


In our opinion

The success of “bullet journals”, such as that of creative hobbies for the youngest, or that of “scrapbooking” (hobby consisting in personalizing, in particular by collage, an album of photos, memories, a diary) for the oldest , proves that there is still a place for creativity and long-term activities, despite all the digital demands. Moreover, this object does not turn its back on the Internet: many teenage girls find and exchange advice and decoration ideas on Instagram. They show that there is a creative way to use the Web, without getting lost.


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