Technology – ‘Magic wand’ brings miracles to China’s livestock industry

Technology applications such as using artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize pigs’ faces, blockchain to raise chickens… are breakthroughs that bring many achievements to China’s livestock industry.

Using AI to recognize cow and pig faces

A Shenzhen-based company uses technology to identify livestock by features such as dairy cow prints, faces and pig tails. Farmers often overstate their herd numbers in the hope of getting more out of insurance. So this method will help to remedy that situation.

In addition, the AI-powered system is said to help track the movements of individual cows and pigs, alerting farmers if they show signs of strange behavior. The system records data from real-world eating, milking and other activities, and then through AI-powered analysis compares the collected information with historical data to closely monitor health. of pets.

E-commerce giant Alibaba also joined the fray by using speech recognition technology to detect troubled pigs through their cries.

The epidemic has become the biggest factor limiting pork production levels in China, said Wang Lixian, a researcher at the Institute of Animal Science at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Advanced technologies will help by reducing accidents and reducing unexpected deaths.

Blockchain application for raising chickens

GoGo Chicken launched in 2017 by ZhongAn Technology is a blockchain application that aims to revolutionize the country’s poultry industry.

Each chicken will wear a smart ring on its leg to record its movements, then save the data on a system using blockchain, providing information such as age, daily steps and even time. death time. Consumers only need to scan the code on the application to see all this information.

While chickens from industrial farms are raised for 40 days before slaughter. GoGo Chicken says its chickens are raised four times longer – 166 days, so the meat tastes better.

This app is mainly aimed at the middle-class segment of customers who are willing to pay for quality and peace of mind. The selling price of a “blockchain chicken” is up to 238 yuan (about 800,000 VND).

ZhongAn Technology is not alone in this field. E-commerce company launched a similar project called Running Chicken in 2016 that also uses blockchain, tech giant NetEase has been raising organic black pigs for over 8 years.

Huong Dung (Synthetic)

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