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Three pillars of transformation of the number of pillars shared at the National Health Number Transformation Program 2020 (Ehealth Vietnam Summit) taking place on December 29-30 are: smart medical examination and treatment, intelligent management and intelligence.

With management methods, the Vietnamese health system can approach the lessons that have been learned in other countries around the world. However, in disease prevention and treatment, differences in biological structure, genetic characteristics, typical environment of Vietnamese people … lead to difficulties in applying techniques of your country, affecting directly to accuracy when applied in practice. To solve this problem can only be Vietnamese people, resonating Vietnamese data and Vietnamese resources.

Last June, the VinDr solution, AI platform in medical imaging, developed by the Vingroup Big Data Research Institute (VinBigdata), was officially tested at 108 Military Central Hospital, Hospital of Medical University. Hanoi, Vinmec Times City International General Hospital. In the last 6 months of the year, the solution was put into operation at provincial hospitals and district health centers in Phu Tho, Binh Dinh, Hai Phong, Lam Dong …

With the first two applications offered are chest X-ray diagnostic support and breast X-ray diagnostic support, the solution is highly regarded by the medical board as the average consensus of AI and physician. doctor was 85.7%, while the average consensus among doctors was 86.2%. VinDr is capable of supporting real-time diagnosis, detecting 28 types of lesions and pathologies on chest radiographs, 13 abnormalities on mammograms.

VinDr is directly trained by experienced artists. In the photo is TS. Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong, Deputy Head of Diagnostic Imaging Department, Vinmec Times City International Hospital.

Experienced radiologists have researched, developed, and trained in technology for the past two years. These include Prof. Dr. Pham Minh Thong (Bach Mai Hospital), Assoc.Prof.Dr. Lam Khanh (108 Military Central Hospital), PhD. Le Tuan Linh (Hanoi Medical University Hospital), PhD. Nguyen Thu Huong (Vinmec Times City International Hospital), Doctor Ho Hoang Phuong (Tam Anh General Hospital) …

VinDr is expected to help radiologists reduce errors in the diagnosis process, and shorten the gap in medical examination and treatment quality between regions.

CThe doctors’ extended gaze

At Phu Tho General Hospital, Dr. Tran Quang Luc, in charge of the diagnostic imaging department, said that there are days when you have to read up to 300 chest X-ray films and have to return the results early to the patient, many not enough time and pressure.

Vingroup Big Data Research Institute (VinBigdata) and the Department of Health of Phu Tho Province signed a cooperation agreement and implemented VinDr solution in image diagnosis.

Vingroup Institute for Big Data Research (VinBigdata) and the Department of Health of Phu Tho province signed a cooperation agreement and implementation of the VinDr solution in image diagnosis.

After two months of VinDr testing, Dr. Luc shared: “This software supports very fast patient screening in a short time. Doctors will not waste time in cases where the alarm is normal but to spend resources focusing on other more difficult cases “.

Doctor Hoang Cong Lam, Deputy Director of Phu Tho Provincial General Hospital also emphasized that VinDr application is one of the steps in the hospital’s digital transformation effort. “Doctors of the hospital highly appreciate the fast and accurate speed in reading VinDr’s injury results. This is also an effective training channel for young doctors who do not have much experience”, the Deputy Director shared shall.

Orientation to support doctors in most medical imaging methods, Dr. Nguyen Quy Ha, Head of Medical Imaging Department, said that VinBigdata is expected to launch four more diagnostic applications for for chest CT, hepatobiliary CT, cranial CT, and cranial MRI in 2021. “Our solution is to help doctors improve accuracy, avoid omissions, not develop with ambition. replace the doctor “, Dr. Ha emphasized.

Dr. Nguyen Quy Ha shared about VinDr solution at Topic AI in health, AI4VN event last November.

Dr. Nguyen Quy Ha shared about VinDr solution at Topic AI in health, AI4VN event last November.

For a successful digital transformation in the health sector, the prerequisite is to optimize the resources and health data of the Vietnamese people. Previously, VinBigdata just announced the launch of the largest biomedical data management, analysis and sharing system in Vietnam, opening a data warehouse to the community. With the Vietnamese genetic database system, the research community can easily access and directly use it to research and develop make in Vietnam solutions, and solve health problems for Vietnamese people.

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