Tech taxi drivers struggled to make a living during the epidemic season, hunched over to pay their debts

Unlike two-wheeler drivers who can switch to delivery, food delivery or grocery shopping, technology taxi drivers struggle more during the epidemic season when they have to make a living and also worry about paying bank loans because they buy a car to pay. contribute.

When the epidemic returned, students and students were absent from school, offices for employees to work remotely, everyone was restricted from going out, so the need to travel and call a car decreased completely.

Unlike two-wheeler drivers who can switch to delivery, food delivery or grocery shopping, GrabCar and beCar drivers struggle more when the number of passengers is less, their income is reduced, while many people have to pay their bank debt. goods and sustain life.

“Backcuffed” to pay bank debts, live lazily through the epidemic season

A driver running the GrabCar service said that the number of rides decreased during the epidemic season. (Photo: Duy Vu)

“From the day of the translation until now, my face is completely distorted. With a pandemic like this, the car is going to explode,” Nguyen N.Minh, a GrabCar driver in Hanoi, confided when having the first bus of the day. “Normally I have to run four or five hoes at this stage,” he said.

Passenger transport activities have been greatly affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. Minh and many other tech taxi drivers are having very difficult days.

This driver said that when there was no epidemic, on weekends, the technology taxi wing ran without time to rest, but the time was different. “In the past, beautiful accounts ran continuously, drivers who wanted to take a break had to turn off the app. But lately the car rides don’t explode, at the end of the week it’s only a few hundred silvers. Now there are no customers, so it’s very difficult for us,” Minh said.

Weekends are like that, weekdays are not better when the rides are only sparse. “Normally, it only explodes in the early hours of the morning, by noon, there are almost no customers. You have to find a shady place to stand and not start the engine. Running the engine all the time consumes a lot of fuel,” he explained.

Mr. Tran V. Anh, another Grabcar driver, was in a similar situation when the rides were reduced. “One day when not yet translated, I ran about more than two dozen rides, my total revenue was always at the threshold of 1.7-2 million VND, but now only 700-800,000 turns around. If you have more than one day, you will get 900 thousand to 1 million dong. That is going from 8 am to 8 pm and does not include gas, discounts and other costs.”

Mr. V. He said that when the epidemic returned and became more stressful, the office areas let employees work remotely. In addition to the fear of people when traveling on public transport, fear of infectious disease should limit calling a car.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ngoc, a beCar driver, is even harder when his income is reduced by more than half compared to before, but he still has to pay both principal and interest on a bank loan every month because he buys a car on installments.

“Before I ran 15 to 16 rides a day, now I only run 5-6 times a day. There are days during the epidemic, I can only afford gas and food. Like yesterday, I ran 600 thousand dong, minus the discount, the gas has lost nearly 400, and only 200 thousand left,” he said.

Mr. Ngoc said that many cars are now closed at home, especially drivers who rent cars by month because the expenses are not enough. Personally, he had to maintain it because there was still pressure to repay the bank. “Every month, I have to pay the principal and interest at 5 million. Now if you don’t run, you’ll die,” he said.

This driver confided that he was not alone in that situation. “For service cars, 80-90% is purchased on installments, lucky drivers who have paid all the money, this epidemic will not be under pressure to borrow.”

Find a way to overcome the epidemic season

As applications become familiar to people, technology taxis gradually become a profession that attracts many workers. Flexible working time and decent income are considered an attractive invitation to many people.

A longtime driver said that the technology taxi driver job attracts many workers from outside the province to big cities. They invest money or buy a car in installments, even many brothers rent a car and pay monthly fees. This becomes the main job to earn a living, not a job to earn extra income. Therefore, although passengers have decreased, many people still have to maintain due to the burden of living.

“Many people have quit their jobs, especially drivers who have to rent cars to run. But there are still many people standing. Every industry is difficult, everyone has to maintain their lives,” said Mr. Nguyen N.Minh, a GrabCar driver.

Drivers remained because they could not sell their cars, looking for ways to overcome difficulties during the pandemic. “You have to save fuel and all costs to maintain,” Minh said. Although the weather is very hot, but when getting off the bus, the driver has to turn off the air conditioner to save fuel and minimize other expenses.

Instead of constantly commuting on the road as before, technology drivers now only travel during rush hours. “Moving alone on the road has to drive the car and turn on the air conditioner, so it consumes a lot of fuel but there are few customers. So after dropping off the passengers, we looked for a place to stop. Usually it is parked at the foot of big buildings waiting for another bus to explode,” said Mr. Tran V. Anh.

Another driver confided that he had to get more work, not rely entirely on rides. “I only drive at rush hour, I’ve been driving for a long time, so I can guess when the car will explode. The rest of the time I work as a shipper for some clothing and food stores near my house. Demand is high. should work as a shipper to earn more, even though it’s hard, I still have a job to maintain my life and wait for the epidemic to pass.”

Duy Vu

Tech taxis begin to expand operations

Tech taxis begin to expand operations

GrabCar service is starting to be available in some locations. This is the first move to expand the operation of the technology taxi company since Decree 10 on transport business conditions officially took effect.


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