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Teachers’ strike, anger also rumbles in Catholic education

Public, private, same fight: the strike of January 13 to denounce the management of the health crisis at school resulted in an exceptional mobilization throughout the education system. Unsurprisingly, it was in the public that the movement was strongest (38% of teachers in striking schools according to the ministry, 75% according to SNUipp; 23% of secondary school teachers, 62% according to Snes).

But in the private sector too, all the teachers’ unions have – a rare thing – called a strike. And even if we do not have figures, everything indicates that the call has been relatively heard.

The strongest mobilization since 2010

“The mobilization was disproportionate to what we usually know”, emphasizes Laurent Lamberdière, secretary general of the FEP-CFDT. “Some schools had 50% strikers, others had to close. “ Spokesperson for another private sector union, Spelc, Luc Viehé believes that“you have to go back to the strikes of 2010 against the pension reform to find such a movement in Catholic education”. And to add: “Some headteachers have even encouraged their teachers to strike. “

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Same observation within the professional organizations which bring together the heads of establishments. “We cannot file a strike notice, recalls Vivien Joby, the president of one of them, the Snceel. But the level of discontent is not measured solely by the number of strikers. Many colleagues have written to parents to say that they shared the frustration of the entire educational community. “

“The central administration is pissing us off”

In question, in particular, the successive protocols announced at the last minute. “The one in force is based on simple self-tests, often not found, chokes Vivien Joby. The government has accepted the idea of ​​letting the epidemic run in establishments without having the courage to say so! Today, we want to throw at the minister: “The central administration is pissing us off.” “, he blurts out.

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Sometimes the teams have looked for a means of protest that does not penalize the parents. “Some teachers have declared themselves on strike but continue to welcome students, with or without lessons”, says Denis Bobin, the vice-president of the Synadec, organization of the heads of establishment of the first degree.

“The strike is not in the DNA of Catholic education”

“The strike is not in the DNA of Catholic education”, comments Christophe Geffard, diocesan director at La Roche-sur-Yon. “Some teachers did not officially declare themselves strikers but imagined actions to protest against the chaos, the lack of consideration of national education, the weariness of filling in tables with the dates of self-tests rather than giving lessons!

Yann Diraison, assistant to the general secretary of Catholic education, adds: “Some end up thinking that we are more sick of the management of the crisis than of the crisis itself. “


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