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Teacher salaries, what Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen really offer

► What does Emmanuel Macron offer teachers in terms of salaries?

During the debate between the two rounds, Wednesday April 20, the candidate LREM assured that there would be “no more starting a career under €2,000” per month. A net salary cap that had already been set in 2021 by his Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, at the end of the Grenelle de l’éducation. Concretely, this promise would result in an increase “about 10%” for beginning teachers.

Emmanuel Macron assured that this increase would not be “conditioned to absolutely nothing”. Which goes against the remarks he made in Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis), on March 17. If we stick to this programmatic discourse, future teachers will sign a different contract from that of current teachers. Their service obligations would thus include the occasional replacement of absent colleagues, as well as other missions such as helping with homework.

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Facing Marine Le Pen, Emmanuel Macron indicated that all teachers would receive a raise. But as his campaign team suggested, after the Aubervilliers speech, current teachers will benefit from a “right of option”. Clearly, those who agree to work differently will see their emoluments increase the most strongly. “We will very substantially upgrade, up to 20%, those who use the most innovative methods by allowing our teachers more freedom in the field”he said more vaguely during the debate between the two rounds.

► What is Marine Le Pen’s position on this subject?

The far-right candidate also wants to increase teachers’ salaries. It promises a rate of increase of 3% per year. Primary school teachers would see their service obligations modified because Marine Le Pen wishes to introduce an additional half-day of weekly lessons (the schoolchildren’s week would include four six-hour days, plus Wednesday morning). “The increase in working time in primary school will lead to a proportional increase in salary, in addition to the 15% increase”, she says in an interview with The cross published on March 31.

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This salary increase is not, on paper, directly conditional on other counterparties. But the RN candidate also proposes to supervise teaching practices more closely: validation of textbooks by the ministry, sanctions for teachers and staff who do not enforce the minimum penalties included in the future in the regulations of establishments, control by inspectors of the ideological, political and religious neutrality of teachers, with the obligation to report “problem cases”…

► Why increase teacher salaries?

National education is facing a severe shortage of teachers. Each year, many vacancies offered for competitive examinations are not filled. And many absent teachers are not replaced. This lack of attractiveness is due in particular to a lack of salary recognition for staff recruited at bac + 5 and who, for some, exercise their profession in a degraded school climate. The low wages are most glaring in the first degree, where you can hardly increase your wages through overtime or bonuses: the gap with the OECD average reaches 9% in early career, before climbing to 20% after ten or fifteen years of seniority.

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Emmanuel Macron argues that he has already initiated a revaluation. At the end of the Grenelle of education, the government had estimated at 6 billion the effort made in this direction over the whole of the five-year period. Six billion is exactly the additional sum he wants to inject, if re-elected, into teacher salaries by 2027.

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