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Teacher crossed all limits, in return for giving good marks in exams, used to do this dirty act

Viral News: The relationship between Guru and disciple is very sacred and important. Guru is given the status of God. The teacher decides the future of the child, but sometimes there are some teachers who tarnish this relationship. A similar case has come to the fore in the African country of Morocco. Here a university professor has been sent to jail for having relations with his own girl students. It is alleged that the professor used to make girls his victim in return for giving good marks in the exam. Let us know this whole matter in detail.

The case of Morocco’s Hassan University

According to the report, this sensational case is of Hassan University of Morocco. It has been told that a professor of the Department of Economics was doing this with the girl students for a long time. He used to bluff them of good numbers and in return used to make connections with them. He did this to many girl students. A university student leaked the chats of this professor with the students.

After the leak of these chats on social media, there was a stir. As soon as the matter came to light, the university administration filed a case against the accused professor. The matter reached the court. In the midst of all this, when this word spread in the city, people also took to the streets demanding strict action. In the end, the court convicted this professor of indecent behavior, sexual harassment and violence and sent him to jail.

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Some other professors are also in question

At the same time, it has also been said in the report that as soon as this matter was disclosed, some girl students came forward and they have also named 4 other professors present in the university, who in the name of giving good marks in the exam. build relationships with. The police have also registered a case against the other four professors. The matter is under investigation. These 4 professors will also have to appear in the court soon.

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