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Taslima Nasreen takes a jibe at Imran Khan for his remarks about women

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan is being strongly criticized for his statement blaming women for sexual violence. Famous writer Taslima Nasreen has also taunted Imran Khan.

On Tuesday, Taslima tweeted a shirtless picture of Imran Khan, writing, “If a man wears too little clothes it will definitely affect women, if he is not a robot.” This tweet of Taslima is believed to be a criticism of Imran Khan’s statement.

Let us tell you that in an interview given to HBO Axios, Imran Khan was asked a question in a case of accusing a rape victim in Pakistan. To this Imran said, “If a woman wears less clothes, then it will affect men. If she is not a robot, then it is common sense.”

Defending his old statement of blaming the rape victim, he said that I never made any comment on the rape victim, rather I had only said that the system of curtains is to avoid being wooed in the society.

In response to another question, PM Imran said, “There are neither discos nor night clubs in Pakistan. There is a completely different society here, where there is a different way of living. If you increase the temptation here and the youth will not have a chance to go anywhere, then some results will come out of it.

Imran’s statement being criticized
Let us tell you that this statement of Pakistan PM Imran Khan is being discussed all over the world. Opposition parties in Pakistan are criticizing her and calling her statements against women. Pakistan Muslim League spokesperson Maryam Aurangzeb has termed Imran sick and anti-women.

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