Tarek Boudali: “We must more than ever support cinemas”

Despite the curfew which eliminated the evening sessions, his police comedy 30 days Max attracted 1.2 million spectators in two weeks in October. A record for the film set to hit screens again on December 15. The opportunity also for the actor and director to set out again to meet the public.

The release in mid-October of his second film, 30 days Max, Tarek Boudali will probably not forget it. This police comedy with Philippe Lacheau and José Garcia arrived on the big screens on October 14, the very day Emmanuel Macron announced a curfew at 9 p.m., de facto killing all the evening sessions including the very precious one of 20 hours. “This is what I feared the most. These are the strongest sessions because people work during the day, I thought it was dead. In the evening I was devastated, remembers the director. This film was three years of work. ”

The next day, not the type to give up, the quadra left on tour in cinemas in the region. Especially in Brittany. With always the same message hammered in front of the cameras of the local televisions: “You have to go to the movies, they are not closed, the sanitary measures are effective.” The public, who obviously need a change of mind and even more laughter, heard it. In the space of two weeks until the cinemas close on October 29, 30 days Max was seen by a record 1.2 million spectators. With the All Saints holidays, the film has turned into a phenomenon. “When I arrived in cinemas, we managed to fill up to three theaters, obviously respecting the 50% gauge. In the end, we did more than normal with only one full room, welcomes the director. For the operators, it was a breath of fresh air. In one session, they made the same turnover as in three days. ”

During this pandemic where French cinemas lost 65% of their attendance, i.e. 850 million turnover to be shared with distributors, producers, directors and actors, Tarek Boudali has proven to be a major support for theaters . Like Éric Toledano, Guillaume Canet and Dany Boon, this director ardently defends cinemas. “Without them, we no longer make films. We must play the game, help them at all costs. Afterwards, to each his own method and means. “

30 days Max will be released in theaters on December 15. Even if it will no longer be real premieres, Tarek Boudali has already planned to go on tour again in the multiplexes. It will start with the Kinepolis in Lommes near Lille. Because he understood during this pandemic, that success is won more than ever on the ground, as close as possible to the spectators. In the room.


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