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Taliban’s threat, said- if American soldiers do not return within the stipulated time, there will be dire consequences

KabulThe Taliban has directly threatened America. The Taliban have said that there will be dire consequences if the Biden government does not withdraw its troops from Afghanistan. Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said that US President Biden has spoken of leaving Afghanistan on August 31. There is no point for Biden to back down from his point.

The Taliban clearly said that from August 31, the period cannot extend beyond a single day. If America and Britain ask for an extension of one day beyond August 31, then the answer will be no. And at the same time there will also be dire consequences.

After the Taliban occupation of Afghanistan, there is a view of despair at Kabul Airport. People are ready to give up everything and risk their lives to escape the Taliban. When Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen was asked on this issue, he denied this. He said, ‘Let me assure you that it is not about being worried or scared. They want to live in western countries. Because Afghanistan is a poor country and 70 percent of the people of Afghanistan live below the poverty line. That’s why everyone wants to settle for a prosperous life in western countries. It’s not about being scared.”

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