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Taliban welcomes Delhi regional security talks on Afghanistan

Taliban News: Taliban welcomes Delhi Regional Security Dialogue on Afghanistan. Along with this, the Taliban said that the world should not worry that the soil of Afghanistan is being used against anyone. According to media reports, the Taliban claimed that they have already fulfilled all the demands mentioned for the India conference on Afghanistan.

Welcome to India’s meeting on Afghanistan

Media sources quoted Afghanistan Foreign Ministry’s deputy spokesman Inamullah Samangani as saying, “The Islamic Emirate (Taliban) welcomes India’s meeting. We are trying to take concrete steps in governance and countries should not be worried about using Afghan soil against anyone.” The assessment was discussed with.

8 countries including India took part in the talks

Heads of National Security Councils or National Security Councils of eight countries, including India, participated in the Delhi Regional Security Dialogue on Afghanistan. It was presided over by NSA Ajit Doval. Media sources quoted a political analyst Syed Haroon Hashimi as saying, “Many countries of the world are trying to express their wishes through talks with the Taliban and these meetings have positive results for Afghanistan.”

Afghanistan hopes from India

International relations analyst Syed Hakim Kamal was quoted as saying that India’s meeting is effective for Afghanistan as India is one of the countries providing aid to Afghanistan and now it is also interested in supporting Afghanistan. Describing India as a very important country, the Taliban said after India’s Afghanistan conference that they want good diplomatic relations with the Indian government.

Spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid also assured that in accordance with “the policy of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan”, its land would not be used against any country and the Taliban wanted mutual cooperation. The Taliban believe that India’s conference is in the better interest of Afghanistan and this meeting will also go a long way in bringing peace and stability in the region. However, the Taliban have expressed hope that the countries of the world will definitely extend their helping hand to Afghanistan.

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