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Taliban shed 3000 liters of liquor in the river, said – Muslims should stay away from it

Taliban Pour Liquor: After the occupation of Afghanistan, the Taliban is engaged in strict enforcement of Islamic law. In this episode, last night a team of Taliban intelligence agents confiscated thousands of liters of liquor in Kabul and dumped them in the river. The Taliban have also warned Afghan Muslims to avoid alcohol and refrain from making it.

The General Directorate of Intelligence has released a video. It can be clearly seen in this video that the liquor filled in the barrels seized after the raids in the capital is being thrown into the river. A tweet has also been made sharing the video. It states that Muslims have to be kept away from making and selling liquor. It was told in the tweet that, it is not yet known from which part of the capital the liquor has been confiscated. However, according to a statement issued by the agency, three liquor dealers have been arrested in this entire case.

Sale of liquor is banned

Actually, the sale of alcohol is banned in the civilian government of Afghanistan. It has been strictly enforced after the Taliban occupied Afghanistan. The Taliban is carrying out many raids against the drug trade across the country. The raids have been taken on the manufacture and smuggling of opium to other intoxicants.

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