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Taliban said – girls have the right to study, they object to studying together in boys’ class

Taliban On Women Education: Abdul Baqi Haqqani, who was appointed by the Taliban as the acting minister of Afghanistan’s Ministry of Higher Education, said classes for female students would be different from those for men. Speaking to government and private university officials and ministry staff on Sunday, Haqqani said that Afghan girls have the right to study, but they are not in the same class with boys, Tulu News reported. can read.

He said that a safe educational environment would be made available for the girl students. Meanwhile, former Higher Education Ministry, Abbas Basir, said at the same event that the Taliban have promised to preserve the achievements of the past two decades in the education sector and the Ministry of Higher Education, according to the report.

“The higher education ministry has made better progress in system-making than any other department,” Basir said. However, central officials of private universities said that most of the laws have been applied to private universities and urged the new caretaker minister to address the issue in the next government.

Tariq Kuma, head of the Association of Private Universities, said, “The big problem is in the laws and we want the ministry officials to rewrite them soon.” The new caretaker higher education minister said universities would be reopened soon and salaries of lecturers and ministry staff would be paid.

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