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Taliban rule completes 6 months, citizens of Afghanistan are living in this situation

KabulDuring the completion of six months of Taliban rule in Afghanistan, many changes are being seen. The people of Afghanistan are now feeling safe and feeling less violence after decades. But the Afghan economy, once run on foreign aid, is now on the verge of collapse. Thousands of people have fled or have been expelled from Afghanistan. In this, the number of people belonging to the educated elite is more. These people are scared about their economic future or lack of independence.

During the previous Taliban regime in the late 1990s, girls were banned from going to school and women working. On Tuesday, six months of Taliban rule in Afghanistan were completed. The US-backed Afghan president had suddenly and secretly left Kabul. The Taliban also captured Kabul after a month-long military campaign to control the provinces.

Youth are now wearing western clothes again
However, even today, the sight of armed Taliban fighters roaming the streets scares people. But women have returned to the streets. Initially, the youth had shunned western clothes to wear the traditional pajama-kameez, but the youth are now wearing western clothes again. However, the Taliban is a supporter of long shirts and pocket pants.

Some women got permission to work
Unlike in the 1990s, the Taliban is allowing some women to work. Women are back on the job at the ministries of health and education, as well as at Kabul International Airport. But women in other ministries are still waiting to return to work. Thousands of jobs have been lost during the economic slowdown and women have suffered the most. The arrest of some youths selling heart-shaped flowers on Valentine’s Day on Monday makes it clear that the Taliban administration, run solely by men, is not tolerant of Western views on love.

Girls from class one to six are going to school. But in most parts, the girl students of classes above this are still locked in their homes. The Taliban promised that all girl students would go to school after the Afghan New Year in late March. Universities are slowly reopening and private universities and schools have never been closed.

increasing poverty
Poverty is becoming serious in the country. People are finding it difficult to get their own money. There are long queues in banks, people have to wait for hours and sometimes even days to withdraw money. The limit for withdrawing money from the bank in a week is $ 200.

Afghanistan’s foreign assets worth more than US$9 billion were confiscated after the takeover by the Taliban. Last week President Joe Biden signed an order promising that US$3.5 billion (of Afghanistan’s US$7 billion in assets deposited in the United States) would be given to the families of US 9/11 victims. . The remaining 3.5 billion US dollars will be freed up for Afghan aid.

Afghan politicians have condemned the US decision, accusing it of taking money from Afghanistan’s share. Graeme Smith, a senior adviser to the International Crisis Group’s Asia Program, cautioned against the sanctions, saying it would have the opposite effect. “Continuing economic pressure on the Taliban will not get rid of their regime, but a crumbling economy could cause more people to migrate, creating another migration crisis,” he said.

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