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Taliban ‘restless’ even after occupying power in Afghanistan, know what is the reason?

Afghanistan News: In August, Afghanistan was completely occupied by the Taliban. After this, in September, the Taliban also announced their rule there. What the Taliban wanted happened, and after about twenty years, it once again ruled Afghanistan. But the world’s countries have not yet recognized the Taliban’s government. Many countries discussed about this but no one has taken a decision yet. Countries such as China and Russia have shown a ‘positive’ attitude towards the Taliban government but have not yet ratified the decision to recognize it. India has also refused to recognize the Taliban government.

In such a situation, due to the passage of time after the formation of the government and not getting recognition from the international community, the ‘restlessness’ of the Taliban has started increasing. Taliban Deputy Prime Minister Abdul Salam Hanafi has appealed to the international community to recognize the Taliban.

Hanafi said that now that the new Islamic government led by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has been formed, as a responsible government to all countries of the world, the region, especially our neighbours, we assure that Afghanistan The security situation in Afghanistan is reliable and there is no threat to countries near and far in Afghanistan. Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that there is no hurry to give official recognition to the Taliban regime.

Even the relations between Pakistan and Taliban have soured. After coming to the rule of Taliban, Pakistan was celebrating happiness, there was a fight with the same. Recently, the Taliban warned Pakistan’s state-run airline PIA that it could be banned if it did not balance the fare. In response, the PIA announced the suspension of services to Afghanistan, accusing the Taliban of arbitrariness.

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