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Taliban removed Nishan Sahib from gurdwara in Afghanistan, strongly criticized by Indian government

Taliban remove Nishan Sahib: A view of how the Sikh community has come under the target of Taliban in Afghanistan has been seen in the Paktia province of eastern Afghanistan. The Taliban have got the holy flag of Sikhs Nishan Sahib taken down from the roof of a Gurdwara Thala Sahib in Chamkani area here. It can be clearly seen in the pictures in the continuous tweets on social media that Nishan Sahib has been taken off the roof of Gurdwara Thala Sahib in Chamkni area of ​​Paktia province.

Here, the Government of India has strongly criticized this incident on Friday. News ANI quoted sources as saying that the government said- We have seen media reports about Nishan Sahib. The government said that we strongly condemn this incident and India believes that the future of Afghanistan should be such where the interests of all sections, including women and children, are protected.

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