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Taliban News: After the occupation of Afghanistan, now the eyes of the Taliban are on these issues, know

Taliban News: It’s been more than a month since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan and is now looking to strengthen its position in the country and build relationships with other countries as the country’s representative and get its second government recognized. . The Taliban regime in Afghanistan has not yet received formal recognition from any country, so it is trying to get international recognition for its rule. The Taliban wrote to the United Nations requesting permission to address the ongoing United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York. His argument was that he had all the qualifications to be recognized as a government. The United Nations effectively responded to the Taliban’s request, indicating that it is in no hurry to do anything like this.

Afghanistan joined the United Nations in 1946 as an early member and is scheduled to address the leaders’ conference at the General Assembly on Monday. But with no UN committee meeting yet to decide on the challenge to its recognition, it seems almost certain that the current ambassador to Afghanistan will address his country’s behalf this year – or else no one will.

The UN can formally recognize or withhold the Taliban and use this crucial time to seek assurances from the Taliban for human rights, girls’ education and political reconciliation. This is a place whose relevance remains even after 76 years.

Rohinton Medhora, president of the Center for International Governance in Canada, said, “If you are the United Nations and you want family members to represent countries like that, then of course you would want all family members to be present, even if you Know that your distant brother is not something everyone should be proud of. That is why the United Nations needs Afghanistan and other countries so that it can display the values ​​of its style of functioning.

In Afghanistan, the United Nations can step up aid and development work on a large scale to show how even its less economically prosperous agency is vital to stability and security. Afghanistan is facing a humanitarian crisis on many levels and the political situation has led to complete poverty.

There is already a demand for help for the education of girls in Afghanistan. This is happening as the Taliban, which has promised an inclusive and open government, have to allow older girls to return to schools, which has curtailed local media freedom and publicly hangs bodies in a city square. Is adopting barbaric methods.

“The Taliban does not represent the will of the Afghan people,” said Nasser Andisha, Afghanistan’s UN-recognised ambassador in Geneva. Whether it is Yemen or Myanmar – they can take up guns, commit violence, join terrorist groups declared by the US.

“I believe it is time for the United Nations to use its influence,” Andisha said. should be given a place in the group of countries because “all the borders and cities of Afghanistan are under our control.” “We have the support of our people and with their support we can successfully continue our country’s struggle for independence We succeeded and that eventually turned into our freedom.

Shaheen said, “We fulfill all the qualifications to be recognized as a government. Ultimately, we expect the United Nations to recognize the current government of Afghanistan as a neutral world body.

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