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Taliban ‘killed’ the dreams of Taekwondo star, know what the players said

Afghanistan News: The dreams of many rising stars have collapsed with the coming to power of the Taliban, dreaming of political change in Afghanistan. Two sisters from Afghanistan are also included in this list, who are said to be the rising Taekwondo stars of Afghanistan. A Texas-based daily reported that the dreams of two sisters from Afghanistan, 26-year-old Neelab Wali and 19-year-old Anjurat Wali, were shattered due to sudden political changes in Afghanistan. According to The Dallas Morning News, both of them were rising stars in Afghanistan’s Taekwondo.

Describing her love for Taekwondo, Neelab said, “I joined Taekwondo because in Afghanistan a woman should be a fighter for herself, so I started it, but then I fell in love with the sport.” She further told that she did not want to see other women teasing her at all, so she made her own preparations to counter them.

According to Anjurat Wali, she wants nothing more than to follow in her sister’s footsteps to prove that she can stand up for herself and for others. He told that “I started in gymnastics, and after that, I saw my sister doing taekwondo, the fights and performances were very interesting to me.”

Let us tell you that the Wali Sisters have won many competitions both within and outside their country. The Taliban, after taking control of Kabul in mid-August, insisted that women’s rights be protected. But during the announcement of an interim government by the Taliban, the group did not include any women in the cabinet, despite repeated calls for an inclusive government by other countries.

According to the Afghan Diaspora Network, with the exodus of women activists, professionals and leaders, Afghanistan will face a shortage of a professional cadre to advance women’s rights and their participation in the decision-making process.

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