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Taliban killed 72 people without proving charges, UN strongly condemned

Extrajudicial Killings In Afghanistan: The United Nations (UN) today ie on Tuesday condemned the non-judicial killings in Afghanistan after the Taliban’s occupation. The United Nations said more than 100 extrajudicial killings have been committed since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan in August this year, most of them non-judicial killings by the Taliban themselves. .

Nada al-Nasif, the deputy authority chief of the United Nations, said that the continuing reports of such killings following the Taliban’s official announcement of an “amnesty” for all in Afghanistan after August 15 Very worried.

Taliban responsible for at least 72 killings

“Between August and November, we received reports of more than 100 murders of Afghan National Security Forces and other government-linked people,” he told the UN Human Rights Council. He said the Taliban have been held responsible for at least 72 of these killings. He said the bodies of many people in these killings were publicly displayed, which has raised fear among a large section of the population.

Nada al-Nasif, who gave this information on behalf of UN rights chief Michelle Bachelet to the council today. He also told that many members of the jihadist Islamic State Khorasan group, which considers the Taliban as their enemy, had met the same fate.

He said at least 50 non-judicial killings were carried out on suspicion of being members of the Islamic State Khorasan group in Nangarhar province alone. Referring to the brutal killings, he said that included beheadings including hanging and public display of dead bodies.

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