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Taliban claims attack on Islamic State hideout

Afghanistan News: Taliban fighters on Friday attacked an Islamic State (IS) group’s hideout north of the capital, Kabul. Taliban spokesman gave this information. Attacks by IS targeting Taliban members have increased since it took control of Afghanistan in mid-August. The two groups have been rivals for a long time.

According to the news agency AP, Taliban spokesman Bilal Karimi said that Taliban fighters carried out the attack in the town of Charkari in Parwan province. However, he did not give further details regarding the raid, nor could his statement be independently confirmed. Karimi said the action was taken after the arrest of two IS members linked to the attack targeting a Taliban vehicle. He said the whereabouts of IS could be traced after questioning both the members.

Pakistan said – there is a need to change the proposal of the European Union

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s foreign ministry has said the European Union (EU) should advance its plans for a human rights review in the new Taliban regime in Afghanistan, which is expected to emerge from decades of war and instability.

Islamabad says a resolution in the UN’s top human rights body needs “further reform” that seeks to help the war-torn country, not taking human rights as the sole criterion. Pakistan is considered the closest negotiator to the Taliban. He has historical links with the group. At the same time there is a clear effect on him as well.

The European Union is leading an effort backed by more than 40 countries to pass a resolution at the Human Rights Council next week. Under this proposal, the European Union will nominate a special envoy for Afghanistan. Its purpose is to help Afghanistan meet its international commitments to uphold human rights and to support human rights groups whose work has been disrupted during the new regime.

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