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Taliban asked women government employees to stay at home for now, know the reason

Afghanistan News: After the Taliban occupation in Afghanistan, there is a state of uneasiness and fear among the people there. People are running away leaving everything from their homes and doors. Meanwhile, the Taliban on Tuesday told female Afghan government employees to stay at home until security permits.

Along with this, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said that the US should not provoke the people of Afghanistan to flee. When Zabihullah was asked about the meeting with Taliban chief Mullah Baradar and US intelligence agency CIA chief William Burns, he said he had no information about it.

According to the news agency AFP, the Taliban spokesman further said that we want that the evacuation of all foreigners should be completed on August 31. Simultaneously, Zabihullah said that there is no sense of change from anyone on his list, all things of the past have been forgotten. She told that we want to bring such a process so that women can return to work.

Along with this, Zabihullah said that we do not want any foreign embassy to be closed or stop working. We have assured them of security. In the case of Panjshir, Zabihullah said that the group wants it to be resolved peacefully.

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