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Taliban appealed for help from China for global recognition, then got this answer?

China On Taliban Appeal: China has told the Taliban’s interim regime in Afghanistan that it must live up to the expectations of the international community for global recognition. The Taliban had appealed to China to help in order to gain the recognition of the global community. “We expect Afghanistan to live up to the expectations of the international community, create a free and inclusive political environment, adopt a soft and prudent domestic and foreign policy and fight against all forms of terrorist forces,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told the media on Tuesday. Will take steps to deal with it.”

‘Friendly attitude should be adopted with neighboring countries’

“The new government of Afghanistan should adopt a friendly attitude with other countries, especially neighboring countries, and unite with the international community as soon as possible,” he said. China has been asking the Taliban to crack down on the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), which operates in the Muslim-majority region of Xinjiang province. The border of this province is with Afghanistan. So far no country has recognized the Taliban government.

Caretaker PM Mullah Hassan Akhund appealed for recognition

Afghanistan’s caretaker Prime Minister Mullah Hassan Akhund called on Wednesday to recognize the Taliban government, saying, “I appeal to all governments, especially Islamic countries, to start recognizing us.” According to China’s official Xinhua news agency, Akhund, while addressing an economic conference in Kabul, said, “Afghanistan meets all the qualifications and conditions to be recognized by the government, so I urge the countries of the world to Give recognition to the government of the Islamic Emirate.”

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