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Taliban and Pakistan soldiers clash over border dispute, video goes viral

Taliban And Pakistan Soldiers: The friendship between Pakistan and Taliban is well known, but this time differences have emerged between the two. The soldiers of Pakistan and Taliban, considered good friends, have clashed over the border dispute. Afghan officials have informed that Taliban soldiers in Afghanistan obstructed the security fencing by the Pakistani army along the border between the two countries. Pakistan has cordoned off most of the 2,600 km (1,615 mi) border, despite opposition from Afghanistan.

Taliban and Pakistan soldiers face to face

It is also surprising that this dispute on the border between the two countries has come to the fore when Islamic countries from all over the world reached Islamabad to discuss the humanitarian disaster of Afghanistan. It is being told that in the area where Pakistan has laid siege, there was protest against the demarcation of the British period in the past. It is said that this siege divided families and tribes on both sides. The Afghan Defense Ministry has called the siege on the border illegal. The same Pakistani soldiers have refused to comment on this.

Border dispute video viral on social media

These videos of border dispute between Taliban and Pakistan are also being shared on social media. In a video shared on social media, Taliban soldiers can be seen stopping fencing work and taking bundles of barbed wire from Pakistani soldiers. Although the video has not been confirmed yet. According to media sources, the Taliban and Pakistan’s army had clashed over the border incident and the atmosphere became tense.

It is also being told that shelling was also done from the Pakistani side in Kunar province, the frontier province of Afghanistan. However, it is not clear whether the shelling was done by Pakistan over the border dispute or due to some other reason this firing took place. According to the information, Afghan soldiers are patrolling in Kunar province after the shelling.


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