Tales of Chance and Other Fantasies: Sorrows of Love

REVIEW – Consisting of three stories, Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s new film (Drive My Car) confirms his art of dizzying dialogue.

In a handful of films and years (Senses , Asako I & II ), Ryusuke Hamaguchi, 43, has carved out a fine reputation, becoming the darling of international festivals while expanding his circle of admirers. Until the triumph of Drive My Car propelled to Cannes before completing its meteoric run at the Oscars.

Tales of chance and other fantasiesmade up of three stories, reminds us that the Japanese filmmaker likes to experiment with narrative modes. Senses, the work that revealed him, is a three-part theatrical “movie series” about four women in Kobe whose friendship and existence are shattered when one of them disappears overnight. . Here too women have the leading role.

Hamaguchi puts his favorite themes back on the job. Chance, love, friendship. The first segment explores a love triangle when a woman realizes her friend is dating her ex. A misunderstanding is also at the heart of the third story, which imagines a computer virus and…

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