Talented ‘technological balls’ in Viettel

As one of the few pink balls of the technology field, Bui Thi Hai Yen and Vu Thi Hanh have brought a special inspiration to the women working in this field at Viettel Group.

The first female ITIL Expert in Vietnam

To become the first female ITIL Expert in Vietnam, Bui Thi Hai Yen had a challenging year to conquer all 7 ITIL certificates and win ITIL Expert (one of the most prestigious IT certifications in the world). In the world). In terms of time, completing 7 ITIL certifications from Foundation to Advanced is roughly equivalent to a master’s degree.

In Vietnam, learning to conquer this prestigious certificate is still quite strange when there is only one unit in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City is eligible for training certification. Unable to put her work in Hanoi aside, Hai Yen applied online and built her own learning path.

In addition to studying at home in the evening, Hai Yen also took advantage of a 30-minute lunch break to study by herself. However, with a large amount of knowledge, as in-depth as ITIL certifications, self-study is also very difficult because of the one-way knowledge approach. To overcome, Hai Yen found more documents, connected with friends and colleagues to ask and answer, find out to the end the problems she encountered.

Pursuing international certifications, language is another barrier.

“Not being able to study properly and use English often, so sometimes I don’t understand the layers of meaning of the concepts in the lesson, struggling to spend a lot of time. So I see, learning English is never enough,” Yen confided.

Despite the difficulties, Yen still managed and overcame herself. Her speed of study and international certification exam surprised others: “Every 2 months, I study and complete a level 2 certificate”.

The biggest challenge that Hai Yen had to overcome was that it only took 1 month and 10 days to complete the final certificate and catch up with the new course opening schedule while still having to go on a business trip and have many projects to complete.

Overcoming everything, Hai Yen excellently won ITIL Expert after 5 days of “battling” in Ho Chi Minh City, becoming the first Viettel person to own this certificate, also the first female ITIL Expert in Vietnam. Although very happy and proud, for Hai Yen it was the beginning of a new journey: applying learned knowledge to work.

Applying knowledge learned from ITIL to rebuilding the GNOC process set in network operation and exploitation, Hai Yen proposes to change from a comprehensive KPI assessment to a focus on 1-2 decision points. success. This option has been applied by VTNet and created a way to solve problems, work more scientifically, and save time.

Female engineer pioneering in Computer Vision technology at Viettel

There have been 10 research projects on artificial intelligence published in prestigious domestic and foreign scientific journals, Vu Thi Hanh is currently holding the position of Head of scientific research projects of Viettel Group.

Her field of pursuit is Computer Vision (technology that helps computers have the ability to see and understand like humans). This is a new and very difficult field in Vietnam, but it has wide and useful practical applications, especially in building smart cities.

Leading a newly formed team to pursue difficult work, Hanh has faced countless challenges.

Hanh shared, “There were times when I lost my way, but in the end I still overcame it by self-studying and strengthening connections with experts both at home and abroad, collaborating in research and training the team to help me improve my skills. gain specialized knowledge”.

Currently, after more than a year of development, products that offer practical applications of Computer Vision Block – VTCC have been very diverse and effective. For example, facial recognition technology applied to electronic customer identification (eKYC) products, automatic timekeeping cameras, and building access management; human behavior recognition technology applied to smart security monitoring products, serving smart city construction… All of these are practical products applied from successful research results of the company. Hanh’s group.

Talented 'technological balls' in Viettel

In the world of artificial intelligence engineers, the fact that a “pink ball”, is beautiful and has many achievements is a phenomenon. However, Hanh always does not consider herself special. This beautiful female engineer only focuses on work results, with challenging projects, she does not need to be given more favor at work or think about loss and self-esteem because she is a woman. .

“At Viettel, we work in an environment without prejudice. As long as you have the ability, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, you will have the same opportunity to develop your career,” said Hanh.

Always trying to “equalize” scientific and technological research, but Hanh has never “normalized” her efforts at work. This female engineer said: “As a woman, I have some weaknesses compared to men, but I also have advantages and strengths in some other aspects. Focus on exploiting those strengths. The results of the work will be the clearest proof.”

Sharing about the role of women in Viettel, Colonel Duong Van Toan – Political Director of Viettel Group affirmed: “Those are very confident, creative and responsible people. They always bring new things to the Viettel family.” In the past 5 years alone, 474 initiatives and 1,549 ideas of women have been recognized, benefiting the Group nearly 647 billion VND.

“Viettel has been, always and will grow up with the initiatives and breakthrough ideas that Viettel women contribute. They have always devoted themselves with the will and efforts like true soldiers in the marketplace, which is not less arduous, even requiring sacrifices and losses. That is something that the Group’s leaders always appreciate,” said Colonel Duong Van Toan.

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